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10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets From Taobao


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10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets From Taobao

10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets From Taobao

Quick Freeze Ice Tray


Ice Freezing will not longer be a long process with this ice tray. Just pour desired contents like milk, fruit juice or cola into the tray and leave it in the freezer for 10 minutes, you will be greeted with a fresh tray of ice with easy ice removal ‘twist’ function.

Tofu Strand Slicer


With this product, you do not need a Michelin chef’s knife skill. You can instantly turn a cube of tofu into 260 fine strands, perfect for presenting the dish for aesthetic points.

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes


Super popular in the European market, these steel cubes will ensure your drinks will not be watered down by ice, yet remain cold.

Innovative Butter Knife


Struggling with cold butter? This knife uses a super efficient heat conductor material and zig zag blades to melt the butter

3D Silicon Ice Moulds


Made of food-grade silicone, this cute mould will freeze any fruit juice/soda drinks you pour in, to form an ultra cute dessert.

Automatic Cow Toothpick Dispenser


Tap it to dispense toothpick.

Fold-able Wood Trivet


With this trivet, you can protect your tabletop from scratches and easily keep it away when not in use.

Egg Shell Hammer


Align the egg into the slot and repeatedly lift the top to remove the top shell of the egg perfectly.

Mini Ice Ball Tray


Fill water to its brim and leave it in the freezer. Slowly pop the mini ice balls out when it’s frozen.

Half Pint Milk Glass


This looks like a half-opened milk carton, but made of glass? This unique design will make everyone stare when you pour the milk.

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