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8 Dresses From Taobao That Your Inner Princess Would Die For

Photo: Pete Bellis

8 Dresses From Taobao That Your Inner Princess Would Die For

The classic dress skirt is always linked with the unforgettable fantasy fairy tale such as Snow White, Belle and Cinderella. The always appear in fancy dresses and over time, the dress has evolved into a wardrobe necessity.

Strap Dresses

Floral Sleeveless Dress


Gorgeous floral prints will make sure you stand out in the crowd, the wide shoulder strap can be stringed together in a bow, adding a tad of cuteness.

2 Piece Tulle Skirt

A thin shoulder strap makes you look slimmer and the flounce off the top adds elegance, paired with the lower skirt will make your waist look more slender.

Off Shoulder Dresses

Off-Shoulder Lacy Dress

A solid white colour will exude a classy aura and paired with the lace furnishes will enhance the princess look.

Off Shoulder Checkered Dress

Designed with the classic red and white grid reveals the retro French inspired fashion.

Tulle Skirts

Mid-Length Chiffon Skirt

Made from high quality and well-ventilated chiffon, this skirt will not stick to your legs when there is static.

Retro Knee-Length Skirt

Bringing back the retro high waist with unique colorway, this skirt from Taobao is filled with a strong artistic feel. Uneven yet simple line design brings out the gentleness of the wearer

Sleeveless Dresses

Simple Sleeveless Dress

Just like the standard little black dress, this piece enhances the curves of the owner. The high waist skirt will elongate your legs, helping you look taller.

Elegant High Waist Dress

Clean cut shoulders with soft chiffon skirt bring out an elegant style of a princess.

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1 Comment

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