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How to Pick Sunglasses for Your Face Shape



How to Pick Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

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How to Pick Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Ever wondered why when certain friends wear sunglasses, they appear so fashionable, whereas others look like they are wearing their mom’s sunglasses? Appearance aside, the main issue is choosing the wrong frame for the face shape, when you choose a matching frame to your face shape, it will definitely improve your overall style.

Diamond Shape Face

Face Shape Features: Also known as the ‘Melon Seed’ Face

This is the classic face shape for being elegant. People with this face shape can basically pull off any styles of sunglasses, however if you wish to make your features more prominent, you can opt for a large rounded square frame, so you can shift the focus on the center of your face.

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Why This?

Pairing a melon face with a large frame is a good way to look fashionable. With this kind of pairing it will be more significant portraying a smaller facehowever do note that this sunglasses will not be suitable for square shaped face.


Heart Shape Face

Face Shape Features:  Wide forehead down to a narrow chin

This face is more three-dimensional and often give people the feeling of being aloof and cold. This shape is most suited for wearing round or oval-shaped glasses, to ease the structured look.

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Why This?

The rounded frame is very suitable for the Asian face, and can also shift focus away from your high cheekbones. Many girls wear sunglasses is portray a smaller face and this is the right frame for you! This design comes with a variety of colors to meet your requirements.

Oval Shape Face

Face Shape Features: Round & Long

This shaped is actually very attractive, but because the face is slightly long, so the choice of glasses should be able to visually reduce the length of the face.

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Why This?

This slightly big sized frame will help shift focus off the length of the face.

Round Shape Face

Face Shape Features: The ‘Baby’ Face

This is a lively, more youthful face, but it is not mature enough. Choose glasses with a strong sense of style, thick frame or dark colored glasses will give an illusion of a longer face, remember to avoid round glasses,  it will only make the face look more Round .

Our Recommendation:

Why This?

A simple large framed sunglasses can easily give you a stylish aura. Make use of the large frame to give a more solid overall look.

Square Shape Face

Face Shape Features:  Strong sidelines that forms a Squarish shape

This is a very modernized face, but doesn’t appear soft enough. Choose glasses that would visually shrink the lower half of the face, such as a large rounded edged glasses to shift focus towards the upper half of your face.

Our Recommendation:

Why This?

Stylish reflective polarized sunglasses are perfect for square shaped ladies! The round sides can make facial lines look more soft.

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