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Ladies who Love Stripes, This is Your Taobao Cheatsheet

Photo: Sirotorn Sumpunkulpak

Ladies who Love Stripes, This is Your Taobao Cheatsheet

Adding a few vintage elements in everyday dressing can bring out a unique sense of nostalgia. Adding stripes to a single piece will help you become more fashionable and give you a youthful appearance.

Color-Block Off Shoulder Dress

A simple elegant dress that exudes retro vibes with the wavy prints which showcase blue with coffee and white blocks

Vintage High-Waist Culottes

Made of fabricated silk, this skirt is thin and light. Rich coloured prints with a wide skirt design makes it easy to walk around

Sleeveless Navy Striped Dress

Printed with navy irregular stripes, this dress brings about a refreshing youthful look bring full of youthful atmosphere. Black straps behind can be tied into a bow which is really unique.

Irregular Striped Shirt

A simple shirt that has boldly incorporated the asymmetric design, giving it a strong personality. Off shoulder V-neck design can visually lengthen your neck as well.

Versatile Layered Mid-Length Skirt

This is a fake two-piece skirt, with thin and retro stripes to create a unique visual look.

Oversized Chiffon Striped Top

This K-pop inspired top from Taobao can function as a shirt and cardigan, backing this design is a breathable chiffon material, providing comfort for the wearer.

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1 Comment

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