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Ultimate Weapon Against The Sun – Summer Cardigans From Taobao

Photo: Unsplash

Ultimate Weapon Against The Sun – Summer Cardigans From Taobao

Do the ladies know that physical items are the best for sun protection? Other than the umbrella, the most convenient product is the summer cardigan, apart from blocking out UV rays when you’re outside, you can also use it in an air-conditioned room to keep warm. Pairing a cardigan with a summer dress would be the perfect dress code this summer! (its always summer here we know :/ )

This piece with an elbow-length design is very comfortable, the flared sleeves make you appear slimmer by covering the arms.

Never comprise on the quality of your cardigan, this piece is printed with a floral design, revealing the elegance of the owner. Comes in 4 colours and gives a well-proportioned look.

Ladies who love denim better not miss this out. Designed slightly stretchable gives it a slimming effect and matches with almost anything!

This semi-transparent piece paired with intricate embroidery looks pretty high end. Minimalist lace design shows off your class.

Ladies with a slimmer upper body can try this cardigan. Fabric used looks very casual, relaxed and full of freedom

Perfect for that seaside vacation you were planning. Although simply designed, the ‘oversized’ cutting is filled with the holiday feels. Comes in Brown and White

Who will protect us from the sun when we are in dresses? This piece wraps around the upper back and exposed arms, very practical indeed.

Being cooped up in an air-conditioned room surfing Taobao in Singapore for too long, a wool cardigan might get uncomfortable, but this silk cardigan will ensure ventilation and comfort to the skin.



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