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$36 Only! Launch Of Xiaomi Electric Shaver



$36 Only! Launch Of Xiaomi Electric Shaver

Photo: 小米官方旗舰店

$36 Only! Launch Of Xiaomi Electric Shaver

Xiaomi has not only been successful in the mobile phone industry but also have been actively producing lifestyle products like the Bluetooth Receiver which have been proven popular amongst their fans. Recently, they launched the “Xiaomi Portable Electric Shaver”, which promises comfort,affordability and closeness of the shave. Without further ado, let us explore the specifications of this new Xiaomi family member.


Appearance wise, the sleek case is stamped through 18 strokes of the press from 1 ingot of aluminum to form the body and is 13.2mm thick and weighs only 100grams. Designed to be compact and slim, it is the perfect travel buddy, taking up way less space.

Inspired by the dragonfly, the Voronoi geometric mesh shaver head is a perfect combination of 1148 holes and can accurately capture the beard from different angles. It is close to the skin, so you may have facial fitting, smooth and comfortable shaving experience. The entire process is driven by a powerful 7800 RPM motor that eliminates all types of hair quickly without tugging and pulling whilst producing only 65dB of noise.


The specially designed lithium battery is expected to provide up to 30 days of shaving time with estimates for 3 minutes/day usage. It supports USB Type-C charging and doesn’t require cleaning with water, just remove the top mesh and brush it clean.


Priced at only $36 SGD (179 yuan), this is indeed a decent price for the quality and specifications, but it seems it’s only available from the 22nd November onward. After reading, would you guys out there purchase this shaver? Let us know!

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1 Comment

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