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5 Bluetooth Speakers From Taobao Under $29



5 Bluetooth Speakers From Taobao Under $29

Photo: Taobao

5 Bluetooth Speakers From Taobao Under $29

For some, be it work, entertainment or play, the music never leaves their side. Music is a wonderful thing so much as making people spend money to get expensive music equipment, only to hear a more realistic and closer quality of life.

But to each its own, an expensive equipment may not be the most appropriate for you and cheap is not necessarily inferior. Choose your equipment wisely according to your own needs. We have listed a few Bluetooth speakers under $29 to share in this article.

DiDo X1


Wrapped in smooth finished metal, it showcases a very simplistic design. The product is 7.8cm in diameter and 3.4cm tall which makes it very portable

DiDo Sound

dido sound

Unique shape design that comes with many colour variations, this speaker features touch screen buttons to provide a full audio-visual enjoyment.

Xoopar XG21002

Xoopar XG21002

A dice-shaped design makes it very compact and it supports Bluetooth and memory card playback.

Meizu A20

Meizu A20

With a designed tilt angle, it makes it clearer when transmitting to the ear. The 15 hours of battery life is enough for you to use for a full day, perfect for outdoor activities.

Rainbow Led Speaker

Rainbow Led Speaker

A well-cut exterior that displays a fantastic lighting effect with the rhythm of the music, this speaker brings the bass to a new visual level.

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