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Xiaomi Presents Mijia Inkjet Printer priced at SGD $199 (¥999)

Xiaomi Presents Mijia Inkjet Printer priced at SGD $199 (¥999)

Introducing Mijia’s inkjet printer which comes with four colored ink cartridges. Using just the Mijia App or WeChat you can easily print office documents or learning materials for your children in one step. In this the era of intelligent printing, it becomes easy to print jobs remotely at home, improving efficiency for those home-office users.

Imagine forgetting to bring some documents whilst already on your way home, you can remotely print it on the way back. The App is quick and easy to navigate. It takes a few minutes for the document to be printed easily. When you get home, you can finish the work immediately, which is quick and convenient. In addition, Mijia inkjet printers are not expensive, 1 set of cartridges support 9500 pages of color printing.

In addition, if your computer is connected to the printer for the first time, there is no need to install a new driver. Also, to change the ink cartridges, you only need to press 1 button, its super easy to operate and most importantly the process will not dirty your hands. It also has an automatic maintenance cleaning function. Lastly, this Mijia inkjet printer is very affordably priced at $199 SGD.

If you work from home or your kids require a printer for studies, this printer is perfect for you. Its looks sleek and prints well, keep this printer in your watchlist during your next printer change.

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